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Is this you?

.. passionate about your business, but worried about making enough sales to keep living your dream...
.. stuck doing admin, finance and sales, which wasn't what you signed up for when you started your business ...
.. sick of being tossed around by resellers and large tour operators and spending lots of money on advertising...

This is how we help business owners like YOU!

... this is not about Google Rankings, Facebook Ads, Adwords ...
... but about showcasing your PASSION and AMPLIFYING this online...

The KTi Marketing Wheel

.. that brings you new customers almost for free ...

Tried, Tested, Proven

Four Basic Building Blocks

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More Visitors

Now-a-days the customer experience with your brand starts before people land on your site.
People review, share, recommend and talk about you on social media.

We make sure that your website is functional, reflects your business ethos and fits the associations created in social media (targeted).

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More Sales

Your website is a booking hub to convert visitors into clients.

We optimize your conversion funnel to guide visitors through your site as efficient as possible.

We implement our 10 point secret sauce that will at least double your conversions!

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More Promoters

This is where you come in! We enable you to focus on what you do best .. your passion.

.. just make sure your customers have the best time ever.

An outstanding customer experience is the fuel that kickstarts the marketing wheel.

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More Referrals

We amplify the customer experiences. We make sure your customers review, share, recommend and talk about you on social media.

So you stay in front of the right audience and people find your website when they are ready to book. The wheel keeps turning!

We not only talk-the-talk, but we walk-the-walk!

KTi Marketing is NOT a typical online marketing company. We actually started where you probably are today. We own an excursion company in Punta Cana and a hotel in Bayahibe. In 2008 we wanted to book our customers directly online via our own websites. So we made them and started doing our own marketing.

We have grown our excursion business from a modest $250.000 per year to well over $1 million per year. Within 3 years and with 100% direct online bookings through our own website. We have developed an unique strategy and tried, tested and tweaked it over and over again in our own companies.

Now we offer the exact same strategy to our clients. Stripped from all nonsense and proven by putting our own money (and companies) on the line! We are proud to work with many dive shops, excursion companies and hotels in the Dominican Republic as well as with our amazing international team of 12 professionals. We stay up to date with the latest in online marketing as well as tourism market behavior and adjust our services accordingly.

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Kirsten Tilanus - founder KTi Marketing

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.. a proven marketing system that brings new customers instantly
.. to spend more time living your passion instead of doing admin
.. to be backed by team of trusted professionals that keeps the wheel turning

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