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HTML Mobile First Websites

Your website is the online representation of your company.

In the tourism industry we see up to 60% of our potential clients visiting the website from a mobile device.

Having a website that is optimized for Google (SEO), mobile friendly and easy to edit yourself is essential for your business.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website is there to convert visitors into clients.

Instead of only having an "online brochure" of your company we turn your website into a booking machine.

With the use of sales psychology and urgency widgets we get more of your visitors to book with your company!

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Reputation Management

TripAdvisor reviews are more important than ever before.

With our Review Campaign we make sure your clients actually leave you the review they promise you.

We also take care of all of your social media profiles to make sure your name is infront of your potential clients on a daily basis.

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Flexible Booking Systems

Your booking system is another essential part of your business.

We optimize your booking form and we add our unique upsell form to help you sell more.

Our systems are customizable, flexible and have increase sales by as much as 25% for most of our clients.

About KTi Marketing

KTi Marketing is NOT a typical online marketing company. We actually started where you are today.

We own an excursion company in Punta Cana and a hotel in Bayahibe.

After we saw the need to get our clients directly online via our own websites we started with our online marketing journey.

Five years ago we started to make our own websites and do our own marketing. Since then we have developed a strategy that is tried and tested over and over again on our own companies first before being used for our clients.

Today we are proud to work with many dive shops, excursion companies and hotels in the Dominican Republic as well as with our amazing international team of 29 professionals and growing.

We stay up to date with the latest in online marketing as well as our tourism market behavior and adjust our services accordingly.

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Kirsten Tilanus - founder KTi Marketing

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If you are passionate about your business but worried about making enough sales to keep living your dream...

If you are stuck doing admin, finance and sales more than the reason why you started the company in the first place...

If you want to have a team of passionate professionals in your corner doing everything they can to help your business grow...

Then we have the solution for you!

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Email us today at KTi Marketing and one of our agents will get in contact to see how we can help you.

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Call Kirsten directly and let's chat. We speak English, Spanish and Dutch.

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Send a WhatsApp message to start the conversation +1 829 642 4242. We reply instantly.

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